Lineage 2 Stats Calculator

Here you can calculate your Character or Summon stats with different configurations (Equipment, Buffs, Dyes, etc.) using retail formulas.


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100 Most Wanted Lineage 2 Servers

A listing website for Lineage 2 Private servers.

Every month's most voted server is rewarded with 30$.


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OCEANIC - club

It is a nongovernmental organization established on 28 February 1992. We are a team that brings together researchers from various fields of natural sciences and cultural heritage, together with members and volunteers professions and social positions of the most diverse.
We were the first 100% Romanian nongovernmental structure after 1989 which was developed by outside national borders, opening representative offices in France, Germany, Syria, Turkey, USA, Morocco, Italy and Angola.


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aCis - Lineage 2 Interlude Server Files

aCis (acronym for "another Crappy interlude server") is a Java emulator, based on L2J work, aiming Interlude chronicle. The project begun around december 2010, when at this time there wasn't anymore active project, and is still active.


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PC Repairs, Excel-VBA, Web Services, WHMCS & Servers Services, Web Design.

A company, with registered office in Montreal,Canada.


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Constanta Top Detailing

Auto cosmetics in Constanta, Romania.

We specialize in auto detailing providing professional car polishing and services like headlight restoration, scratch removal, auto cosmetics, and more!


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