Refund Policy

14 days money back guarantee

1. All Clients of can take advantage of our 14 days money-back guarantee if our services do not satisfy their needs, and the:
-Service is canceled within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of its order;
-Service cancellation is immediate;
-The support ticket is opened after cancellation is submitted;
-The invoice was paid by PayPal or Credit Card.

2. Conditions under which 14days money-back guarantee does not apply:
-The Service was terminated due to a violation of the Terms of service.
3. The 14 days money-back guarantee only applies to web hosting.
4. The 14 days money-back guarantee does not apply for domains, certificates, additional IP addresses, licenses, add funds transactions, and other one-time payments.
5. All refunds are processed within five business days.